Other Groups

Social Justice & Peace Team:

This committee studies the Australian Bishops Social Justice teachings and works to bring awareness to the St Michael’s community of the Church’s reflection on current social issues.

Major Events Team:

The Major Events Team is responsible for organising the Major Social Events in the life of the community.

Adult Faith/Formation Team:

This team works to develop and deliver a program which will assist the parish to reflect on and deepen their commitment to following Christ and to sharing their faith with the wider community.

Altar Servers:

We currently have over 10 young people serving at our liturgies.  Altar serving is open to those students who have made their First Holy Communion.

There are two stages of Altar Serving, the Junior Servers who carry the Cross and Candles and bring to the Altar the Water and Wine for the Mass.  The Senior Server is one who is in High School and has been trained to be the Master of Ceremonies for the Mass.  They set and clear the Altar and stand with the priest and move the pages of the missal as the Mass is said.

Those wishing to become an Altar Server at St Michael’s should contact the Parish Office.

We have training sessions coming up in February and March 2016.

Altar Society:

A group of volunteers who generously clean the Altar and Sacred Vessels for Mass.


St Michael’s Parish has the responsibility for providing Special Religious Education (SRE) in the State Schools here in Nelson Bay.  We are responsible for five Primary Schools, however, we are only functioning in four.  These Schools are Shoal Bay Primary, Anna Bay Primary, Soldiers Point Primary and Tomaree Primary.  Our Scripture Teachers serve on a voluntary basis with several of them doubling up between Schools.

Children’s Liturgy:

St Michael’s Children’s Liturgy is scheduled to occur on each Saturday and Sunday Mass. However, Children’s Liturgy is not held during school holidays, due to the volume of visiting children typically in the parish.

The Children’s Liturgy is provided for the younger children of the parish and it is important that the younger children receive the word of God in a way they can easily relate to and understand. Approximately 10 children attend the liturgy each week and two instructors are scheduled to ease the workload and provide a quality lesson.

The Children’s Liturgy is conducted in the meeting room inside the rear of the church and is prepared with the respective liturgical colours and a candle.

The purpose of the Children’s Liturgy is give the children some quality time and also give parents of young families a break from distractions.  A very important part of our parish future resides with the children and if we can give the children just one small message each week, then we are succeeding.


St Michael’s has 3 teams of volunteer cleaners. We are very grateful to these people for donating their time to such a necessary task.  New volunteers are always needed.

Eucharistic Ministers:

These parishioners assist at Mass by distributing both the body and blood at our weekday and Sunday masses and they take Holy Communion to the sick and aged in their homes.


A group of parishioners who are rostered to read the First and Second Readings of the Mass, plus the Prayers of the Faithful.


A group of parishioners who have volunteered to stand at the door of the church and welcome people and distribute to them the Parish bulletin.